Beehive Nourisher Artisan Soap (Pack of 2)

Beehive Nourisher is a handcrafted, exquisite and gentle soap. It Consists of Honey  and Goat Milk with subtle fragrance of milk and honey. The soap is Infused further with goodness of Organic Jojoba oil. Honey nourishes and cleanses the skin gently while goatmilk and Jojoba moisturizes it . Free of Parabens, Sulfate and any Chemicals. Suitable for any skin type and season.  

  • Honey : Honey prevents the growth of certain bacteria and reduces breakouts in acne prone skin
  • Honey is a natrual humectant and helps retain moisture in the skin
  • By destroying free radicals, antioxidants on the skin will help protect the skin from sun damage and help it look younger longer.
  • Because of its antioxidant and humectant properties, honey soap is great for dry or damaged skin.
  • Because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, raw honey helps kill bacteria that may cause acne and will help skin heal faster.
  • Honey adds to the lather, giving you a nice bubbly soap bar.
  • Goat Milk : Gentle cleanser. Rich in nutrients the milk is a good source of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin shown to have anti-aging properties, it’s a good source of selenium, a mineral shown to support a healthy skin membrane. It may even improve psoriasis symptoms like dry skin
  • 2  Improves dry skin. To improve dry skin, the lipid barrier must be restored and rehydrated. Goat milk soap’s high cholesterol and fatty acid levels replaces missing fats while providing moisture to allow for better water retention
  • 3. Natural exfoliant. Goat milk soap contains compounds that may exfoliate your skin.
  • 4. Prevents acne. Due to its lactic acid content, goat milk soap may help control or prevent acne.
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Beehive Nourisher
Beehive Nourisher
Beehive Nourisher
Beehive Nourisher
Honey Soap MP
Honey Soap MP
Product Details
Ingredients: Honey, Goat Milk, Jojoba, and natural fragrances. 

80-100 gms   

Conduct a patch test on a small portion of skin prior to using this product.
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