Kanoki Kansa Vataki Wand Facial Massage Wand

Kansa Wand is face massage wand with the tip made of bronze (an alloy of copper & tin). This gift from Ayurveda from ancient times was forgotten and now is being rediscovered for its beneficial effect on facial skin. Massaging facial skin with this alloy using few drops of Argan or Rosehip serum provides excellent benefits such as 

  • Stimulating collagen and vitalizing facial skin
  • Boosting  Blood circulation 
  • Relaxing  all facial muscles 
  • Restoring & enhancing facial radiance 
  • Delays aging and is good for all skin type

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Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
Kansa Wand
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Frequently Asked Questions about Kansa Wand

1. What is Kansa Vataki ?

The heart of Kansa Vataki is the metal bowl that is on the end of a wooden wand. The word Kansa comes from      Sanskrit "Kamsya", which simply means "bronze", a metal alloy made primarily of copper, tin and zinc

2. What is meant by Vataki ? 

The word Vataki comes form the Sanskrit word "Vatak" which means round referring to the dome capped shape of the wand

3. What is the benefit of this alloy Bronze ?

The bowl or (Katori ) made of bronze contains copper that relieves pain, inflammation, arthritis, tin relieves headaches and insomnia and zinc boosts immune system, digestion, good for diabetes.

4. What is the importance of this tool as per Ayurveda ?

Kansa Vataki is an Ayurvedic treatment that has been used for centuries. To this day in India, bronze is still known as "the healing metal" having long ago been discovered to help relieve all kinds of pain and provide a gentle detoxifying effect.  Kansa is said to draw out heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins from the body. 

5. How to use Kansa Vataki?

Use face serums or carrier oils few drops and gently massage with circular motion
Do not rub on acne, just place it gently and let the cooling effect of the metal will help in reducing the acne 

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